Le château Haut-Lagrange

The manual grape harvest

An essential step of the winemaking is choosing the date of harvest.

In order to keep the fruit that defines the expression of the terroir for future wine, the collecting of the grapes is done at the optimum maturity without allowing them to over-mature.

A series of psycho-chemical tests allows us to define the best date but the definitive decision is taken in the vineyard by tasting the grapes.

The white grapes are sorted and collected by hand, carried to the cellar in baskets to limit the crushing and the oxidation of the grapes.

The red grapes are also picked by hand by a 6-seated machine that moves perpendicularly to the vines. This original and unique machine was designed at the vineyard (with patent registration).

It facilitates the work of the picker because it works at the same height of the grapes. There's no need to carry the grapes as they are directly sorted out in the machine at the vines. So the harvest arrives healthy and ready to be destemmed in a roller-sorting table.