Le château Haut-Lagrange

The wine storehouse, the wine making


The whole bunches are pressed in a pneumatic double-hull press which limits the contact of the juice with oxygen from the air at the running off.

According to the vintage 10-20% of the harvest is fermented in new barrels. The rest is put into temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The wine is bottled between May and July following the harvest.

The winemaking technique that uses old techniques but also benefits from new effective equipment allows the grapes to express their character into the wine. The Sauvignon, with its freshness, and the Semillon, which brings the complex tones of honey and lime, flower after several months in bottles.


The grapes ferment in temperature controlled concrete tanks for a couple of weeks. The duration of vatting varies according to the year. It is the art of the winemaker who then has to find the best possible extractions of tannins to obtain a wine with freshness, sharpness and elegance.

40% of the harvest is aged for 12 – 17 months (according to the vintage) in new French oak barrels, which are changed every year. The other 60% is aged in tanks.

In the pursuit of excellence for its wines the team at Chateau Haut-Lagrange conduct small tests to develop its winemaking techniques in order to obtain the best possible result: a wine which is the reflection of its soil, a wine with balance between elegance and pleasure.