Le château Haut-Lagrange

The vineyard

The plantation has received lots of special care in order to respect the integrity of the soil.

Vines were chosen according to the criteria of production, which has made the vineyards of Pessac-Léognan famous. Stocks were adapted to the soil and the subsoil. Now at over 25 years old the vineyards have reached their maturity.

The grape varieties are as follows;

White: 50% Sauvignon, 50% Semillon on 1ha (2.205 acres)

Red: 45% Merlot, 55% Cabernet-Sauvignon on 7.5 ha (18.232 acres)

With a density of 7,700 feet per hectare,

In order to use all of the earths potential the ground is regularly fully worked with winter ploughings and hoeing in summer.

The soil conditioners are all certified organic and no insecticides are used due to the alternative use of pheromone spreading capsules, which can cause the butterflies to get frisky.

High efficiency equipment is used to carry out pest management treatments. This has allowed us to half the doses of active treatment per hectare for several years.

In winter double guyot pruning, in Spring we disbud, in July we thin out the leaves of the green harvest and at the end of August we remove the clusters.

The care brought to the vine until the harvest is essential. It allows us to obtain the essential quality grape and thus a great wine.