Le château Haut-Lagrange

Haut-Lagrange: A Family History

My great uncle on my father's side once owned the neighbouring vineyard of what would become Haut-Lagrange and my maternal grandparents owned another nearby vineyard. Which is how my parents met!

As a child I spent all my holidays in the family vineyard. It was there that the passion of the wine and the vine came to me. At that time the vines were cultivated using horses, the wine storehouse had a floor of beaten earth and the bottling was done directly from the barrel. Fifty years later we've made lots of progress!

In 1986 I cleared the former vine land, which now makes the wine of Haut-Lagrange in order to return to the basics.

Haut-Lagrange was built, while the children were still very young but always ready to lend a helping hand; they largely contributed to the success of the vineyard.

Even now when an important event comes up everyone chips in with his or her unique skills in order to make sure that everyone who visits Haut-Lagrange finds a friendly and warm reception.

Haut-Lagrange: A family history!